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The Designer Sale is one of fashions best-kept secrets securing brand new, samples of luxury overstock and one off pieces from luxury retailers and the world’s top designer labels. A go to destination for global style-savvy shoppers with exclusive access to the latest designer arrivals.


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The Designer Sale is an exclusive membership club. Select your plan to get access to the finest selection of designer brands and private sample sales in London. Enjoy 7-days free trial offered on both plans; no credit card required. If you select Basic plan you will be able to upgrade it to Premium at any time to enjoy even more benefits.



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Sell With Us

Give your bag a new lease of life and sell with us for upfront payment so you can fund your next “it” bag. Our in-house accredited designer experts meticulously inspect high end artefacts carrying years of experience across the fashion industry. Submit your details using the form below or drop off your bag at our sample sale.

Please note all quotes are provided in 3-5 business days. These are estimates and liable to change upon further inspection determined by brand models, materials, condition and quality. Book by appointment are priced and authenticated. We will contact you on the price offer. If you would like to proceed with the offer please note: we buy your item(s) in cash or bank transfer. Bring back this form to collect item(s) and cash payments.

For more information, please read our F.A.Q.

What items does The Designer Sale (TDS) accept?

TDS only accepts designer handbags.

What condition doesn’t TDS accept?

  • Any items with stains or odour;

  • Any item that has had a restoration service;

  • Any items that is in poor condition.

Does TDS buy designer brands outright or consignment only?

We only purchase luxury designer handbags outright. We don’t do consignment.Consignment is when the item is in the store for 3 months until it is sold. We believe in instant purchase.

Where is TDS based?

TSD is based in London, UK.

Is TDS book by appointments only?

TDS is book by appointments only. So make an appointment with our accredited experts to accurately value your items.

How does TDS determine the prices?

We determine prices based on the current market, brand, models, materials,condition,quality and proof of purchase.

What payment methods does TDS pay for designers handbags?

TDS has two payment options for cash under the value of £1000 /or bank transfer. We only offer bank transfer for high value items over £1000.

TDS Sell With Us
TDS Sell With Us